Sunday, May 22, 2005

sheau xian and i

sheau xian and i Posted by Hello
this photo was taken by my sony ericsson T610, nice or not? and she is my dream girl, sheau xian. she came to my house on my brithday, 15/4 with sheau wen, say koon, seng yen and zi kai. so happy she was here on my brithday and gave me a sweet hug... what's a fantastic brithday present to me...hahaHA
in your oppinion, is she beautiful??

Chlorophyll 2005

The Chlorophyll Music Night Posted by Hello
i like this photo very much... i'm singging on the stage..
i sing a song named 'MAY' which i written it long time ago..

Friday, May 20, 2005


this morning was my physics exam... i was so tired... when i faced the paper, i really didn't know how to start it, because i didn't know how to do the first question... so i just left it blank. hai~~~ actually phyiscs is quite a funny subject, but i just too lazy to study it... many useful formular... really funny and interesting to derive them..
physics......i must hardworking..hahaha

p/s: today is also chern hwee birthday...haha. i know this guy since i was in standard one... good and nice friend